Tesla League Championship - Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

Forest Lake Academy - 500 Education Loop, Apopka, FL 32703 

League Championship Activities are located in the Gym. Please ONLY park in the large central parking lot. (see below)

Volunteer Check-In at  7:15 am - Please be on time, so the event can start on time.   

Team associated volunteers, please bring your safety glasses with you. Non-team associated volunteers will have safety glasses available at their assigned volunteer location.

Special Note to Referees & Judges ONLY: If you have been given a different check-in time by your head referee or Judge Advisor, follow that.

Remember that volunteers are scheduled to work the entire event. Many volunteers change roles between inspections and matches, please assure that your teams volunteer gets to their next job!

Many volunteers change roles, after inspections, please make sure you report to your next area as soon as your role during inspections is complete.

Team Check-In  7:30 am  - Please, no admittance for teams prior to this time, as it really slows down getting all the volunteers checked in and in place.

  4.2.1 Consent and Release Forms

 Each student competing at a FIRST Tech Challenge tournament must have a signed consent and release form completed by a parent or legal guardian. Students cannot compete without a signed consent and release form. 

These forms can be filled out electronically or by hard copy.

 • Electronically – A printed roster showing that each student’s parent or guardian has electronically filled out the consent and release form online. This is shown on the roster with a green checkmark.  

 • Hard copy – The coach or mentor must bring a signed hard copy of the form signed by the student’s parent or legal guardian. 

The roster from the Team Registration System MUST be handed in at event registration, regardless if the coach is handing in hard copies of each consent and release form. If the roster from the Team Registration System is blank, the coach should write in the names of each student competing at the tournament.    

 Event staff is NOT PERMITTED to allow you to email these documents later. Please do not ask them to break the rules that FIRST requires all teams to abide by.

Parking Information

The large parking lot marked with "Park Here" is the ONLY place permitted to park, stop or drop-off at events. 

Please make sure all team members, parents, guests and volunteers associated with your team are ONLY using this large central parking lot and NOT any of the smaller lots closer to the buildings. 

Coaches, it is your responsibility to get this important Parking information to EVERYONE associated with your team and stress how important it is for all guests to follow the proper event rules.

Tesla Leadership and the host site appreciate your gracious professionalism in this matter to help assure the safety of all and make event logistics smoother.

If you believe you are permitted to park elsewhere, please contact us with your team number and name PRIOR to the event, if you have not been issued a special parking pass.