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League Leadership

Tournament Organizational Chart

Tournament Director

Field Manager (reports to Tournament Director)

Lead Queuer & Querers


Lead Scorekeeper & Scorekeepers


Field Resetters




Game Announcer


Field Technical Advisor (reports to Field Manager)

Field Technical Advisor

The Field Technical Advisor (FTA) and Field Manager (FM) work together to keep the areas in and around the robot playing fields running smoothly. The FTA concentrates on the technical issues (robots, Scoring Software, etc.) and the FM is responsible for operational activities (team queuing, playing field reset, etc.). • Prerequisite: In depth knowledge of the FIRST Tech Challenge Android based control system and diagnostic tools

Minimum Age Requirement: Must be at least 21 years of age to serve in this role • Pre-match and post-match robot triage. • Providing as needed support to teams during Match set-up. • Explaining technical issues that may have affected match play to Referees and students. • Providing assistance for the scoring system. 

Control System Advisor

The Control System Advisor (CSA) is a volunteer who helps teams with robot control system related issues. The CSA works in collaboration with the Field Technical Advisor (FTA) and/or Robot Inspectors, who may direct teams experiencing issues on the field or in the pits to the CSA for help. This position requires a high level of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills and can affect the quality of the event. While some smaller events combine the Control System Advisor and Field Technical Advisor responsibilities, having separate volunteers for each role will keep the work-load manageable for each volunteer and is recommended by FIRST. FIRST Tech Challenge tournaments squeeze a lot of activity into one day. One of the keys to running a smooth and successful event is for teams and volunteers to show up prepared. Teams spend countless hours preparing for competition day and we ask our volunteers to prepare for tournament day as well. Prerequisite for CSA Role To serve as a Control System Advisor, in-depth knowledge of the FIRST Tech Challenge Android-based control system and diagnostic tools is required. • Physical/Technical Requirements: • Technical – High • Physical – Low • Administrative – Medium • Communication – High • Time commitment: • Training – About four to six hours • Event Day – About eight hours • Proper Dress: • Wear comfortable, closed-toe and closed-back shoes, most of the day will be spent standing and walking between the pit area and the competition fields. • ANSI Z87.1 certified safety glasses are required in the competition area

Field Technical Advisor Assistant


Wi-Fi Technical Advisor

Head Referee (reports to Tournament Director)



Pit Manager (reports to Tournament Director)

Pit Admin Crew


Lead Robot Inspector & Robot Inspectors

Lead Field Inspector & Field Inspectors

Judge Advisor (reports to Tournament Director)


Judge Advisor Assistant

Judge Match Observer

Volunteer Coordinator (reports to Tournament Director)

Volunteer Coordinator A dedicated Volunteer Coordinator is a must-have for any FIRST event. Our suggestion is that you fill this position first (as soon as possible, in fact!) and then they will help recruit your other key volunteers. While you may plan to wear this hat as well as Tournament Director, it is important that you DO NOT; the reality is that both roles are too much for one person to handle well. A Volunteer Coordinator manual and other volunteer training manuals can be found on the FIRST Tech Challenge Volunteer Resources webpage and through the Schoology system. Once your Volunteer Coordinator is assigned, they will receive an email with Schoology access information. Volunteer Coordinator Traits Most importantly, as representatives of FIRST, Volunteer Coordinators are vital and visible leaders in the community. They must understand and exemplify Gracious Professionalism, through FIRST’s core values. The Volunteer Coordinator can network with like-minded professionals. Responsibilities of the role include the following: • Participation in tournament Planning Committee meetings. • Plan and implement activities for volunteer recruitment, selection, registration, support, and recognition. • Ensure that Key Volunteers are recruited, registered, screened, and certified. • Ensures that events are staffed with enough volunteers. • Supervise and assist event volunteers on site. Volunteer Coordinator Time Commitment Time commitments can vary depending on experience, working arrangements with the Affiliate Partner, and the size of the event. Below is an approximated amount of time you may spend on staffing for an event: • 3 to 6 months before the event – about 6 hours a week. • 2 to 3 months before the event – about 10 hours a week. • 1 month before and up to the event – Up to 20 hours a week.

Disk Jockey

Load In / Load Out Crew

Crowd Control Volunteer


Dean's List Interviewer (reports to Tournament Director)

Dean's List Interviewer

Dean's List Reviewer